This comics have been first published in the fanzine Bong! N°4 ( fr : ) in September 2005.

Thanks to all those who advised me during the creation of this story. Thanks to all those who enjoyed it and will enjoy it.

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“Exceeding the speed of light is still not currently possible despite the popularisation of interstellar travels. Travellers have to hibernate for a long part of their journey in a capsule specifically made for this task. When a serious problem occur, like on a collision with a comet for example, the security system would take too much time to awaken the passengers, so it drops the inhabited capsules in space. Often the capsules are recovered only several decades later. More, the capsule drifts in space and if it does not come into orbit around a planet it may collide with anything. To correct those problems, scientists designed robots that are survival and hibernation capsules. Those robots, the Life Turtles, are ejected when problems occur, with their sleeping passenger, in the direction of the nearest planet. On their arrival, these robots will seek by all means to return to civilization as soon as possible.”

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